Digiwaxx Goes Global in Media and Finance Markets With William Benson of WBG & Tyche Capital Fund


NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - "Under the Radar" Finance, Marketing and Media genius William Benson, Chairman of the William Benson Group, LLC and Sr. Manager of Investment Relations for Tyche Capital Fund, has been retained by Digiwaxx Media, a global platform for digital music promotion and innovative marketing techniques as the company's global strategies consultant/advisor of record. Within this role, Benson will provide advice and consulting vehicles for financing platforms, strategic equity investments, partnerships and strategic market penetration planning and implementation designed to drive valuation and diversify revenue streams while creating new avenues in the fluid, and sometimes Mercurial, ever-changing Music, Entertainment, Business, Sports, Fashion and Recreation Markets. In short, Any Time Anywhere Music IS There...

As an independent marketing and promotions agency specializing in music lifestyle and the new urban culture, Digiwaxx Media understands the importance of progressive mutually beneficial partnerships and anticipated accessing Benson's diverse portfolio of skills and abilities to further enhance and expand Digiwaxx's core objectives. "William's reputation proceeds him and I am confident that The William Benson Group is exactly what Digiwaxx needs to move our company forward," says Corey "CL" Llewellyn, CEO of Digiwaxx Media. William Benson echoes CL's sentiments and high expectations: "Digiwaxx began an era; we intend to revolutionize the markets. Digiwaxx sees music and lifestyle as integral and so do I. Music is the way to soften, enter and change the world to make it a better place, especially for our children."



Digiwaxx Media is an independent marketing and promotions agency specializing in music, lifestyle and the new urban culture. With music at the core of this culture, Digiwaxx is situated where things really happen now, where creative innovators, cultural influencers, entrepreneurs and fans converge. Digiwaxx is an agency that converts years of experience at the forefront of urban creativity and lifestyle into a dynamic hub of information and resources. Our platforms and services are able to connect music, technology, people and culture in a way that is unique to the Digiwaxx experience. Our advanced team will be able to move quickly and efficiently and activate a proven system of departmental services to ensure that a strong foundation is built for every project encountered. Digiwaxx currently works with Companies such as Microsoft Zune, PUMA, Sony BMG and Warner Bros.