Mission Statement

Our motto here at Digiwaxx is “Still Breakin’ Boundaries.” When we started Digiwaxx in 1998, our goal was to create a means through which artists could get their music directly to the consumer. We wanted to break down the barriers that prevented consumers from accessing all the great music that we were dealing with every day. We realized that the internet was the great equalizer, and made it our singular mission to utilize the internet and technology to get our message to the masses.

The focus of Digiwaxx has also been the dj, because the dj has always influenced culture. House, rock, country, drum and bass, Hip-Hop, R&B, reggae or funk music--whatever the dj spins captures the minds, hearts and bodies of the masses. Thus, building a network of djs worldwide became an integral part of Digiwaxx’s culture.

Over the years we have worked tirelessly to find the hottest new and exclusive music, create the freshest mixes, and utilize the internet and technology in ways that were never before contemplated. Our passion for music has grown, as has our network of tastemakers and tech savvy partners across the globe. Digiwaxx represents the new face of the entertainment technology company, seamlessly fusing art, music, lifestyle, culture and technology.

Whether we are promoting a hot new single from an established artist, introducing the latest multimedia player, or launching a revolutionary web-based application, we at Digiwaxx remain committed to Breakin’ Boundaries.

What is Digiwaxx?

Digiwaxx Media is a premier marketing and promotions agency serving all corners of the market with an unsurpassed niche in urban lifestyle. With music at the core of this culture, Digiwaxx is situated where things really happen now: at the intersection of recording studios, radio stations, DJ booths, concert venues and online sites where creative innovators, cultural influencers, entrepreneurs and fans converge.

We are centered in a network of tight knit local relationships with a global platform. Our ability to activate and integrate these dynamic relationships with agility, efficiency and credibility knows no equal in the industry. Highly revered as a leader in the industry, Digiwaxx converts years of experience at the forefront of urban culture and lifestyle into a dynamic hub of information and resources. Our diverse platforms and services provide custom solutions that connect music, technology, people and culture in a way that is unique to the Digiwaxx experience.

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