Digiboxx Digital Media Distribution System

As the Media and Entertainment world gears up for what analysts and researchers are calling the commerce era of online music sales and digital media distribution, Digiwaxx is proud to present a powerful digital media market penetration tool and content distribution stream, the Digiboxx™.

Two years ago the Digiboxx™ project started with the objective of developing a system that would give customers without computers or Internet access a chance to have as rich a digital music experience as those with such resources, without compromising quality. We set out to build a system that focused on piracy prevention, and the protection of the musical artists involved.

The years of research, design and development yielded the Digiboxx™, a highly feasible distribution solution that will raise the industry standard for direct delivery of content to the end consumer. We are proud to announce that our digital media distribution stream goes above and beyond the current online digital media distribution methods employed by the entertainment industry.

The Digiboxx™ is a stand-alone media kiosk, which enables users to browse, select, purchase and download content directly to their media-enabled devices. Designed specifically for people on-the-go, the Digiboxx™ allows you to get exclusive music downloads, breaking videos, news clips, ring tones, and the like, all to your device, whether it be a cell phone, two-way, PDA or portable gaming system.

Developed in conjunction with the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University, the Digiboxx™ represents a giant leap forward in providing quality digital content to mobile users, without the necessity of a computer or an Internet connection.

Click on the above image to see a short prototype movie clip.

Other services include:

  • Digiwaxx Presents – Our compilation mix-tape series is a custom promotional tool, which gives you the ability to brand your product or service in a way that makes a significant and memorable impression.
  • Digital Waxx Service – A purely web-based solution, the Digital Waxx Service allows us to service your music directly to djs and obtain instantaneous feedback.
  • Digital Waxx Record Pool – A tool exclusively for the djs allows users to browse through and download unlimited titles from our extensive catalogue of new and exclusive music.
  • Spinworld Music Promotion – If you want to generate a radio picture for your artist, Spinworld has your solution. When bundled with the Digital Waxx Service, Spinworld helps you focus on getting spins from the djs in markets which count.