Digiwaxx Presents


The Digiwaxx Music Meeting is a multi-layer production that responds to the need to interact with the DJs, tastemakers, press, on-line, and consumer worlds simultaneously as you release new music.  Instead of having several events that caters to each of these demographics separately, the music meeting provides the ultimate listening session that is inclusive of all these vital elements. Digiwaxx takes it to the next level moving beyond the average press and tastemaker attendees with their distinct accessibility to DJs and innovative online integration of the consumer fan base.
The Digiwaxx Music Meeting provides artists with the valuable opportunity to debut their new music to an invite only audience of active DJs, press, industry insiders, music critics, and the Digiwaxx staff.  Though the event is exclusive in nature, the setting is very intimate, personal, and conversation based allowing the artist to really explain and discuss the project in an in-depth manner. In addition to the on-site audience, the vital consumer base receives unparalleled access via a live stream system that allows them to watch in real time online no matter their global location and at times to participate by posting questions online.

Digiwaxx ensures the music meeting is successful and creates a riveting buzz that reaches far beyond the actual event with a full marketing campaign that will subsequently service the professional video footage of he meeting to Digiwaxx’s large network of online media resulting in high impact viral placements and heightened awareness.  This is a truly efficient and advantageous opportunity for labels and artists to yield an immense return while reserving their own in house personnel and resources.  Artists who have benefited from this service include Asher Roth, Lil Jon, MIMS, Nas and Damian Marley to name a few.
For a nominal budget the Music Meeting will provide the following:

•    Complimentary Digital Wax Service Blast
•    E-invite art design
•    Venue
•    Guest List of DJs, industry influencers, and press
•    Catering and open bar of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
•    Professional videographer services
•    Live streaming of the Music Meeting
•    DJ for the music meeting
•    Host/moderator, which will consist of Digiwaxx CEO CL alongside a popular radio or TV personality.
•    Valuable, high quality footage for online distribution and in-house content
•    Top line PR and marketing campaign that will service the photos and video to online and print media.


The Blast Live is Digiwaxx Media’s signature live concert series that delivers powerhouse stage performances by both chart topping stars and acclaimed rising artists from an eclectic variety of genres.  Digiwaxx couples the appeal of its lineup with a high profile host for a delectable experience that is captured for internet simulcasting and postings. Situated in the nation’s largest market, The Blast has its home base in New York City but also journeys to major music festivals and events grabbing hold of national audiences.

The Blast has become a highly anticipated press laden event catering to an audience comprised of influential consumers, fans, music executives, media personnel, artists and socialites.  It thrives off the fact that there is no comparable impact to that of a live performance and brings you what TV, web, and radio cannot.   It is a wonderful experience for artists to showcase the heights of their artistic creativity and talent without normal parameters and gain paramount exposure with Digiwaxx’s marketing and publicity support.
In order to ensure participating artists receive the greatest benefit and The Blast is a success Digiwaxx provides the following:

•    Artist coordination
•    Event production staff
•    Media placements expected as a result of this event
•    Event logistics
•    Art direction & production of all promotional materials and signage
•    Electronic invite to DIGIWAXX’s select list of industry contacts that includes: record label execs, DJs, press, managers, publicists, and tastemakers
•    Targeted public relations campaign to online, print and broadcast outlets
•    Comprehensive marketing campaign for event
•    Secured press attendance and coverage
•    Online and offline promotion
•    Professionally edited video and photographs
•    Access to thousands of dollars worth of DIGIWAXX services to fully compliment and market your brand

Other services include:

  • Digital Waxx Service – A purely web-based solution, the Digital Waxx Service allows us to service your music directly to djs and obtain instantaneous feedback.
  • Digital Waxx Record Pool – A tool exclusively for the djs allows users to browse through and download unlimited titles from our extensive catalogue of new and exclusive music.
  • Spinworld Music Promotion – If you want to generate a radio picture for your artist, Spinworld has your solution. When bundled with the Digital Waxx Service, Spinworld helps you focus on getting spins from the djs in markets which count.
  • Digiboxx Digital Media Distribution System – Coming to a city near you!! The Digiboxx is a complete media solution which eliminates the need to sit at a computer to purchase music or videos, allowing media to be sampled and purchased on-the-go.