Digital Waxx Service
The Digital Waxx Service is the 1st digital music promotion service created to service DJ's and other music trendsetters globally.

Digiwaxx gives record labels and music artists the opportunity to use todayís web technology to its full advantage. We digitally distribute music to our extensive list of DJs/Mixers, On Air Personalities, Radio Station Music & Program Directors, and Industry Elite. The Digital Waxx Service allows prompt delivery of quality music via email without clogging the recipients inboxes with large files. Unlike typical outdated mp3 services, our emails take up no more space than a normal text document. This allows individuals with Gmail, Yahoo and other low storage email accounts to quickly access to the high quality mp3 downloads. Digiwaxx provides eye-catching graphics to help deliver your music and its accompanying versions safely and securely to our extensive list of registered users.

Currently our service reaches over 40,000 influential Commercial Mixshow, Club, Mix tape, College, Satellite, Community Radio, and On-Line DJís domestically and internationally. Feedback is sent directly to our clients from our registered DJís and programming contacts. These feedback reports and comments can be key to saving your company thousands of dollars in pressing and distributing CDs to DJís who might not play your music. These reports include statistical breakdowns of DJs' and tastemakers' impression of your music, segmentable nationally, regionally or per respondent.

Our goal is to help our clients save money by providing them with the marketing intelligence and tools they need to make informed promotional decisions.

Service Overview
Digiwaxx gives each client a focused music promotion & distribution avenue through direct emails that include graphics, logo placements and hyperlinks. Digiwaxx sends out a dedicated email blast that can include an A-Side song and accompanying versions (radio edit, dirty, acapella, instrumental, and B-side). This allows the recipient DJ to stream the song sample it quickly provide feedback, then directly download songs to add to their mixes. The music is sent exclusively to our mix show & club/mixtape DJ list first. Proceeding the blast to the DJs another email is sent to radio personalities across the country, then to industry tastemakers, and finally to radio station programmers (if requested).

The Digital Waxx Service is the most efficient and cost effective set up for a new or exclusive record. We provide targeted delivery of high quality radio ready MP3s , without clogging email storage. You will get instant feedback results in most cases.


  • Large & up to date email list
  • Extremely detailed feedback collection
  • Easy to use client area to view results
  • Cross platform support
  • Spinworld Music Promotion calls (optional service)


"How can Digital Waxx Service help me?"
We have an ever-growing list of 40,000+ influential radio, mix-tape, club, and college mixers. We also reach radio personalities, and key industry contacts. We can help you get your music to them easily and start the buzz on your music. More DJs are downloading mp3s than ever and are using them in their mixes. In addition we can provide you with vital information about your record from the DJs directly.

"Well, we already have a new media dept. and send out mp3s."
We have developed a cross platform (Mac & PC) system to get the music to the DJs without clogging their inboxes. Clogged email accounts are an inconvenience to the DJ and your goals. Not all DJs have high-speed connections, or high storage email accounts. DJs get huge amounts of mp3s to their email inbox from other labels. These require time to download or sometimes may not even make it to the DJ due to over quota email accounts (that the labels have caused). The mp3 emails we send require a fraction of the size of an mp3. It allows a DJ to at least hear the record instantaneously, AND give feedback before he/she actually downloads it. DJs with Gmail, and Yahoo and other low storage web accounts find this very valuable. Gmail, Yahoo, and other email accounts make up for over 50% of the DJs and radio personalities. Imagine all the DJs you could be missing when you send out physical mp3s.

"I donít care about feedback I just want my record to get spins."
Join the club. DJs are always looking for new avenues to get new and exclusive music. Digiwaxx offers high quality mp3s so any DJ with a computer and CD burner can go straight from their PC to the air (provided you submit a clean radio mix). We have documented occurrences of DJs going directly from The Digital Waxx service to radio as well as mix-tapes. Digital vinyl/software combinations such as PCDJ Scratch, Rane Serato Scratch & Itch, and Final Scratch allow the DJs to spin mp3s, without losing the tradition they hold dear. What better way to BREAK a new single you plan on servicing? Not only do you get feedback directly from the DJ, youíre cutting costs on CD manufacturing AND SHIPPING. In addition the music is reaching thousands of DJs simultaneously. If even 10% of our mailing list plays your record on the air youíve got a nice amount of spins before pressing a single CD or piece of vinyl.

"Itís too expensive, I donít know if itís within our budget."
You are currently spending between .50-Ę & .70Ę per CD plus artwork costs and shipping to service several thousand DJs (which include the more influential mixers we already reach). Whatever it is you are spending we are charging substantially less. We are charging you much less than $1 per DJ to service your record. Our service can get your exclusives out and possibly save you important budget money to create a more concentrated buzz on records. We also provide STATISTICAL information, which is incredibly valuable to label reps. You also save money on vinyl because feedback directly from DJs allows you to target those who will actually play the music. Ever run out of vinyl, but donít have the spins to justify the missing pieces?

"Who uses Digital Waxx Service?"
We send mp3 blasts to College DJs, On Air Personalities, mix CD DJs, and on air Mixers, from across the country and internationally. DJ Clue, DJ Enuff, DJ EFN, DJ Green Lantern, Clinton Sparks, DJ Spinbad, DJ Khaled, Mark Ronson, DJ Ran, Big Mike, Greg Street, DJ Smallz, DJ Sno, DJ Alvin D, and DJ Vlad, are some of the numerous recognizable names on our list. In addition, we service key tastemakers from within and outside the music industry.

"We still donít believe you, you need more people."
Take a minute and ask the DJs how they feel about the Digital Waxx Service. We donít claim to be the end all, be all to your air play desires. We do stand by the fact that Digital Waxx Service is an essential tool in breaking or supporting records with the DJ (especially for clients with limited budgets). We also know clients need to know more information about their records in this competitive market. Digiwaxx has been working closely with the DJ community for over 11 years, and we care about what they think, you should too. The Digital Waxx Service is a useful tool for the DJ. Why not make it a useful tool to your music?

Please reach us at 212-665-8607 or email us for inquiries about using Digital Waxx Service to your advantage. We look forward to hearing from you.

Other services include:

  • Digiwaxx Presents – Our compilation mix-tape series is a custom promotional tool, which gives you the ability to brand your product or service in a way that makes a significant and memorable impression.
  • Digital Waxx Record Pool – A tool exclusively for the djs allows users to browse through and download unlimited titles from our extensive catalogue of new and exclusive music.
  • Spinworld Music Promotion – If you want to generate a radio picture for your artist, Spinworld has your solution. When bundled with the Digital Waxx Service, Spinworld helps you focus on getting spins from the djs in markets which count.
  • Digiboxx Digital Media Distribution System – Coming to a city near you!! The Digiboxx is a complete media solution which eliminates the need to sit at a computer to purchase music or videos, allowing media to be sampled and purchased on-the-go.